For the upskirt fans

Today I have a great video for the upskirt fans…and also some pics I’ll find in a few days, because I still have some friends of mine at home, you must have seen them on the livecams right ? Having a lot of sex, especially yesterday evening in the kitchen was very hot, we gave the guys a great blowjob with champagne in the mouth and dipping their cock in the glas…they LOVED it 🙂 Read More

Masturbation on the beach

I LOVE Masturbation on the beach what about you ? Did you ever see it in real life ?

Last December, we had to meet some friends from Denmark who came to spend holidays on the seashore.

We had to go to the south of the island and on our way to get there we could stop in a beach to spend a few hours before meeting my friends as you know the beach is my favorite place to masturbate, I already Read More

My voyeur fan

My voyeur fan Felix a member of my site came to visit me a few weeks ago he wanted to spend a whole day with me and see how Emily lived her special way of life.
After going to gym in the morning a friend of mine was so excited about the flashing trip with Felix wanted to come with us so she could drive and he could Read More

Flashing for the camera

Once we received a call of a very famous TV program to participate talking about swinger couples and sex,they found our profile ona site where we were looking to meet other couples and a single girl…ok the single girl option is almost impossible, you have to be very very lucky…BUT after this TV show we found Nataly. She was a single girl, traveling Read More

sodomy with my husband's huge dick

Sodomy with my husband´s huge dick

Last Saturday night, a french friend of us came to visit us to have something to drink. He was carrying his camera because he likes filming movies above all erotic and porn movies, so he saw the possibility to enjoy with us and he knows that we a swinger couple and we usually are prepared for exciting experiences.
My husband loves having sex being watched by others it is one of the things I like the most with him.The night was perfect and I had this rosebud inside my booty prepared to be sodomized so my husband took the rosebud out and started to fuck me in front of our friend that became very horny and finally he finished jerking off.
I made this little preview to show you what is waiting in the member section and to let you jerk off to my exciting horny ass, watch this sodomy with my husband´s huge dick and sign up to watch the rest

To tell you the truth I wouldn´t mind to be fucked by both of them, especially in sandwich, one in each of my thigh holes hummm but maybe next time I will have the opportunity of having two cocks just for me.


Early morning on the beach

Spending our holidays we were alone on the beach near the hotel that morning and my husband decided to make some memory pics for our private hidden “family” album ….just our album.

The light was perfect in the morning and the water fresh and warm on my body then I realized that a voyeur was passing by on the beach, he stopped to watch me when I was naked that made me laugh.
I decided to turn him on a little bit more therefore I started to touch, dance and show off myself for him, he stayed for a while staring at me jerking off up to cumming.
Do you want to enjoy the same with my pictures? Because I have decided to share all of them with you.

XXX Emily


Masturbating in the car

Today, you will see me waiting for my husband in the car while he was buying some food at the supermarket the car was parked where people usually go running. It was very hot day and waiting I began to feel so horny I releived myself masturbating …it was so enjoyable even more wacthing people passing by.
They didn´t realize at the first time but suddenly somebody did and people were passing all the time trying to see me having sex with the person the more I love…ha,ha,ha.


It was very funny to see people shocked and this fact made me more horny so I kept masturbating up to cum…When my husband arrived I was so relaxed and he asked me why there were so many people around there I told him that I didn´t know…