Holiday masturbation for the voyeurs

For our holidays we always choose to go to an all included hotel so we can just enjoy and rest…. we have the time that we usually haven´t got in our normal life.

We can spend time going to the beach or resting in the swimming pool Do you remember our video in the pool?, we can eat and drink when we want and besides having sex relaxed without hurries.

Sometimes when my husband is going to play golf or do some exercise, I love to stay by myself and play a little bit with my pussy but  I love masturbating on the balcony where I know I am be able to be seing as you know that  turns me on a lot, thinking that some voyeurs are hiding behind their curtains watching me.

Most of the time, I can´t see the voyeurs but others I catch them also jerking off or touching their couples in those cases I feel hornier and when I forgot my dildo like in this time I put two fingers inside my pussy and I start to move my clitoris up and down…..hummmm is it so delicious.
I cum few minutes later and then I am so quiet and happy but as I am multiorgasmic when my husband comes back all sweaty and stronger I turn on again and it is not very hard to seduce him and have some sex with him and sometimes we try to be seen  for voyeurs.vlcsnap-2015-05-14-11h01m24s93

Do you understand why I love holidays?

Ok take a look at the trailervideo here and enjoy

XXX Emily.

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