Lesbians having sex in the fitting room

Many times it is very funny to go out to do some shopping and spend a whole day with a  girlfriend , we can talk of everything cloths, shoes, work, friends, husband, men etc… When we are having lunch in a beautiful outdoor terrace with the sun shining is very pleasant above all if we are able to see a gorgeous man staring at us asking for something naughty with his eyes.

Last week, I went we a girl friend called Loli to do clothes shopping we walked around the city looking for some fetish clothes that our clients want us to wear, we could find many things french maid dress, another of nurse, police woman etc..It was so funny to dress up in the fitting room. When we were just thinking about coming back home after this exhausting day lol…we went to the last shop  and we got into the fitting room together we thought it could be cool to have some fun to finish the day and something relaxing like having some sex. As you know, I love being watched, one of my favourite things is voyeurisme, maybe we were lucky and somebody heard us therefore I got much hornier.

We took the last fitting room and we started to play we got naked and kissed then I was horny so I began to lick LoliĀ“s pussy ummmm how nice! and her nipples then she did the same to me consequently we got so relaxed and happy in order to sharing with you I recorded it on my cam also to show my husband who loves seeing me enjoying above all with another girl.

It was a great day, after going out from the fitting room Loli and I separated with the promise that we were going to repeat it next month or as soon as we can but maybe next time, we can invite another girlfriends to join us lol. Would you like to see us?






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