Masturbation on the beach

I LOVE Masturbation on the beach what about you ? Did you ever see it in real life ?

Last December, we had to meet some friends from Denmark who came to spend holidays on the seashore.

We had to go to the south of the island and on our way to get there we could stop in a beach to spend a few hours before meeting my friends as you know the beach is my favorite place to masturbate, I already

told you a couple of times.

I am going to show your all those pics my husband took of me from that day. He was delighted because he loves seeing me masturbating at the same time his dick became so hard that made me much hornier.

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I had a nice orgasm on the beach… maybe they will get hard and some of them started jerking off also things like that doesn’t happen very often.
OK take a look at my


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