religious sex with a nun

Did you ever think that religious sex with a nun could be a fetish ?
Have you ever seen a beautiful young nun in her monastery drinking of the communion wine which is not allowed and she knows it, but she can’t resist the temptation to sin…? and she is also thinking of the following punishment from the monks.


Above all if the monks spank her, fuck her with the bottle of communion wine to make her feel it on her body. They are so excited because monks are also horny sometimes, I’m sure that in other monasteries they are used to masturbate alone in their bed the evening, but not in this one, here nuns are also having sex, they read porn magasines and drink alcohol !
They are going to take her in a threesome and make her suck their dicks and fill up all her holes
Take a look at the 30 minuts long video….the first role play I made, yes sure we did have a lot of fun and pleasure doing this little sexy project

Would you like to watch this naughty and impish nun being sodomized and fucked by the monks?…look at her!!! She loves it lol
Can you think about my next roleplay game ? Tell me how you would like to see me

I thought about something like the guy watching her neighbor sunbathing in the garden, while masturbating behind the curtains…some day after he finally have an idea how to approach her, he rings on her door and ask her for a “cup of sugar” or something stupid. She is very sexy dressed with high heels, bra, thong, garter belt cuban stockings a little skirt and some sexy top, she tells you she is preparing herself to go meet her husband for lunch in an hour in town
She invites you in, you are younger that her, and you are wondering if she likes young dicks.
Finally he fucks her on the couch….while the phone rings, its her husband, but she just start telling him what you are doing ! who you are ! why you came ” and how you fuck her, and that she LOVES your your hard dick, she tells him how it feel and you are getting even more horny now

Ohhhh that would be great and exciting to do right ? Maybe I could ask a girlfriend to record it.



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