mega dogging at the beach

Last week I went to the beach , I think a LOT of you followed me on my livecam which I brought with me all the time, at the hotel, at the beach, even at the it's just like being there living with me a real a paradise for the voyeurs. So I went to a well known beach, one of euros swingerparadises. Some guys were walking naked in the dunes, we must have crossed like 20 people before we found a stop a little up the hill so we could keep an eye on the whole beach. An older man were watching us from behund the bushes and we started playing a little, my husband just caressed my legs and we hoped to atrract lige 3-4 voyeurs. In less than one minute a guy was sitting next to me on my towel and started to touch me a little, I let him continue to caress my pussy and even lick me. 2 minuts after at least 10 guys were watching us. Another approched and started to caress me then a third and a fourth, 20 people were standing around me. I sat up and gave my husband a blowjob while I took 2 stranger dicks in my hand and masturbated them. My husband cum all over my face and the strangers on my breasts...They let 2 others take their places and I continued until I was covered with their cum and it was running down my body. We they lied down to relax a little, but with 4-5 guys watching us I felt like a dying zebra on the savannah with the vultures around me. Some of them were sitting there waiting like sitting Bull, it was a little funny and it made us laugh. After a while (10 min) a guy came to ask if we were going to have sex..,. I made a mistake saying yes, so they just stayed there...and I wanted to relax a little ..alone ! then 15 minuts after I started to caress his dick and it got even winder than the first time. I'll tell you about it another time, here is the first video enjoy it :)