selfie flashing in my car

This video is from Tuesday morning where I had to take the car to the south, My husband was driving one of the cars and I asked my girlfriend to drive the other one while I sat on the backseat with the live streamingcam, maybe you saw my :) and I hold the camcorder and selfied me while I was masturbating and we were driving by the other cars, I hoped they saw me, it turns me on :) Hummm I had a nice orgasm before I dressed again. A little later we had to stop at a gasstation, when the girl filled up the car I changed clothes again, I think she saw me, or maybe she saw my girlfriend with the camcorder and imagined what was going on, because she smiled and laughed a little and commented something to her partner....and a few seconds later he tried to take a look into the car. Then we drove down to the beach...and that video I'm going to post it this Week end for you guys, enjoy my fleshing in the car XXX Emily