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Often I have fun playing on my 24h spy cam, I enjoy the members of my site and think of all the voyeurs watching me at the same time, all those dicks jerking of behind their screens turn me on. In todays video you are going to see a Sex chat evening on livecam with me dressed with leather bodice and a leather pants too. I start with some stripshow and begin to masturbate first with my fingers touching my clitoris and later with my dildo the one for my pussy the other for my ass ummm…I love a double penetration so you’ll see how wet my pussy gets
But I also have a in-room very personal voyeur….my husband who I watch jerking off while I am doing the show he is so horny, he loves to watch me and start masturbating for me. So why don´t I invite him to participate and let all of you enjoy us having lives on cam.
He touches me and presses my ass with his strong hand and put to fingers inside my pussy I open his zipper and I take out this big and very hard dick. I begin to suck and lick ummm how nice giving a blow job. Suddenly he takes me in his arms and puts me astride and penetrates me harder and deeper all of it in front of my cam and I ride him enjoying the moment so much, we cum together for all of you. What a great night isn´t? would you like to join us next time? I am opening to your suggestions.
Sure we recorded all the evening for you, so here we have more than an hour to enjoy.

Ok if you like this video, try to follow me live on the cams in my house, we have sex almost every evening, or during the day….not always penetrations, but some kind of sex, like a blowjob, dildofun, masturbation, vibrator etc, I always love when you watch me 🙂

I’m preparing the video from last week for you, with the blowjob on the parking near the beach, it will be online n a few days.


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