Sodomy In the garage

Repairing my mini cooper car there was a very attractive mechanic in the garage. Do you know who he is?

We were playing another funny role play because a fan of mine is a mechanic and his biggest fantasy is, that a sexy clients comes to pics up her car after work, but she has no money and badly needs her car for the next day, so they have to find an agreement. We made this little roleplay for him, he LOVED it, and we enjoyed it very much as well 🙂 I share it with you today, maybe you are a mechanic and this is your dream ?

So, I’m coming to pics up my car after work, but I forgot my credit card so he proposes me to pay him “all natural”, I take a look at the mechanics trousers, he already looks hard, and I began to touch his huge cock with my high heels to get it harder and bigger. He loved it 🙂

obviously this aroused his curiosity and became to touch me…we had sex in several positions and ways including anal sex….ohhh the bill must have been very big


I am not going to tell you the rest we did because I want you to watch it but you can imagine…blow job, masturbation, anal penetration. Only a funny thing  I did.. I blew my pussy with an air compressor …what a refreshing!!!lol

In conclusion, we had a lot of fun recording the video and great memories. I remember that day as if it was yesterday and the years are passing by we still love and do role plays not only for my clients even for ourselves.
Can you think of any role play you would like us to do for you ?
Please send me a message with the scenario

Many kisses for all of you.


Watch the full version of the role play here

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