Swingers night for some friends

Elektra and Paul joined us for a few days relaxing from their trip all around Europe. One night, we invited another couple over at our house for a drink and some food……… and why not?..having some adults fun on cam so  Roger and Sara came this evening too.

As my husband discussed Electra and made reference to some of the skills she had, I noticed his arm had gone around her and she had turned just enough away from him that his hand draped over her breast.

We started the evening with some food and champagne..I LOVE champagne, it puts me in good mood and also a little horny 🙂
Did you ever take part in a private swinger night ?
If you did, you know that sometimes it can be difficult to “break the ice” and get started with the horny stuff….everybody is thinking “who’s going to start this party?”
It doesn’t use to be an issue at our house, because I’m pretty direct…I’ll ask “So now we had some good food and a little to drink it’s playtime :)….who want to play with me first ?”
Or I’ll do what I did this evening: “I’m going to show you my speciality, the royal blowjob” Then I take my champagne glass,(we always use the wide ones for this kind of party) and dip my husbands dick into it

Ohhh it’s cold, but he loves it, and I have to be fast now because his dick will get hard and I’ll only have the time to dip it a couple of times and lick the champagne of, before it’s SO hard and big, it will stand up towards his navel…and it will only be possible to dip his balls now 🙂

Elektra and Sara were watching me carefully…to copy that trick 🙂 and the guys never tried a royal blowjob before so I think they were already horny.
The girls took their glasses and started to dip and suck….I think that Elektra’s dick liked it, but the alcohol was too strong for Sara’s dick.

They sucked a little, then they started playing together, they are both very much into girl-girl play (I’m not anymore, or not as this moment, years ago I spent many nights with one particularly and very special girlfriend…and that’s it, I never found a girl again who really excited me, so I’m more “dick” now…I’ll tell you about her some day maybe, it’s a little private for me so I don’t know, lets see)

So they left me alone with 3 hard cocks and a big bottle of champagne 🙂 hummm three cocks touching my face and in my mouth, very exciting, while we were watching the girls playing beside us.

Then we went to the couch and started to fuck, we changed dicks and some took 2 cocks….yes just take a look at the 40 minuts video here




We spent the night like that having swinger sex we enjoyed a lot and we were very happy, so later we still kept drinking eating and dancing the rest of the night. two days later my friends left us but with the promise that they will be back soon and we can have “another great experience”.

Watch the full 40 minuts video in my membersection


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