Early morning on the beach

Spending our holidays we were alone on the beach near the hotel that morning and my husband decided to make some memory pics for our private hidden “family” album ….just our album.

The light was perfect in the morning and the water fresh and warm on my body then I realized that a voyeur was passing by on the beach, he stopped to watch me when I was naked that made me laugh.
I decided to turn him on a little bit more therefore I started to touch, dance and show off myself for him, he stayed for a while staring at me jerking off up to cumming.
Do you want to enjoy the same with my pictures? Because I have decided to share all of them with you.

XXX Emily


Masturbating in the car

Today, you will see me waiting for my husband in the car while he was buying some food at the supermarket the car was parked where people usually go running. It was very hot day and waiting I began to feel so horny I releived myself masturbating …it was so enjoyable even more wacthing people passing by.
They didn´t realize at the first time but suddenly somebody did and people were passing all the time trying to see me having sex with the person the more I love…ha,ha,ha.


It was very funny to see people shocked and this fact made me more horny so I kept masturbating up to cum…When my husband arrived I was so relaxed and he asked me why there were so many people around there I told him that I didn´t know…


Raped by a thief

I was at home as another single day when somebody knocked the door and for my surprise was a thief who hit me and I lost my conscience.

When I woke up I was attached to the ceiling and with my mouth covered by a scarf. He started to whip my body then he spread cream on me…It was so strange because at the first time I was afraid but later I liked his fingers touching my skin and even more when he introduced my dildo to masturbate and then with his fingers.

When I thougth he had finished he put his big dick by my side and started to jerk off upto he cummed on my face. XXX

A role play made for a fan, he loved it, he just dreamed of raping his wife with some friends and give her a lot of pleasure…so I played his wife, except that we didnt have any friend come over that afternoon 🙂



Blow job for a voyeur

Blow job for a voyeur

We met an amateur photographer on friday night going out for a drink. He asked us if it was possible to take some pics of us just for fun. So next day, we went to unusual place nearby where the views were superb.
It turned us on because of he was watching us, my husband started to touch me and his dick became so hard and I felt like giving him a Blow job for a voyeur.
As you know and see he has this huge cock that I like to lick so much …..horny, I was so wet…and our photographer looking at us began to jerk off so there were two cocks just for me.
He cummed all over my face and the photographer approached to see the details, what an unexpected voyeur experience. hummm he had a big hard dick also in his pants. I really enjoyed the blow job for a voyeur, I love when people are watching us have sex, it turns me on and I get wet and horny. Sometimes I even get so excited that I ask them to participate.

After this set of pics I had another super nice flashing experience in another old building just beside this one, I dont have any videos, but only pics ….we went up on the roof , I was naked and a military helicopter flew very near us and landed only 50 meters away…Ok I’ll tell you that in a few days maybe when I get the pics ready for you
Watch the trailer here

XXX Emily


A hot afternoon sex with my husband

I invite you to watch a very hot pics with my husband having sex in our living room while we were talking with a friends of us on skype.

Sometimes we think that it is difficult to keep the spark but as you can see we keep it very bright!!.

I always put this nice lingerie to turn him on….and this works !! because he responds with his hardest cock.

We started to kiss, to touch I feel his fingers inside then his soft and wet tongue and later his big dick.

He knows perfectly how ,where and when to touch and obviously to penetrate me. He puts all his passion and strength to fuck me deeply….Follow me in my site http://emilylife.com

Sex in the banana jungle with a girlfriend

A friend of mine Elektra joined us in a journey we did to Cuba one of the guys we met during the night invited us to visit a banana jungle, we accepted.
But nobody does anything without getting something back therefore this is what happened, when we got there he asked us to do something special for him…we understood inmediately we took off our dresses then we suked our nipples and stoked our bodies…
Meanwhile he was jerked off his big dick he was so horny and we keeped going because we were enjoying a lot, not only for our play even his.
Suddenly we realise that we weren´t alone there were some guys wacthing us behind the banana trees jerking off…Could you imagine? jungle and those men jerking off like a tribe and only Electra and Me masturbating.

Sexy holiday in Canada

I’m home from my vacations in Quebec and Ontario, I made some small video clips for you to show you a little of what we did.
Here is the first one from Ottawa where we stayed a few days and visited the downtown and lot of museums…

Ohhh I missed the parlament again this year, exactly as last year when we went for the dragon/spider fight end of july. Too many people asking for tickets and they are all gone already at 9-10 in the morning, you have to get up early if you want one. So I guess I’ll have to come back lol
Of course we had a nice open view from the apartment and made some flashing sex videos there.

Take a look and enjoy with me…I will share all the videos with you in the member section in the coming months.

In a few day I’ll post you the clip from Montreal, it was also great we love that city


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