Blowjob above the city

Sometimes I like going to strange places where I think nobody can see us doing some role plays that we don´t know each other and suddenly we start to fuck ,this kind of things helps our relationship keep going without any rutine.

Maybe we go to a lonely beach or a house in ruins maybe in the mountains wherever we like, for that reason I love this spot with a nice view on the city, the harbour and the industry, I think nobody is looking up but we are looking down when we are there and it always turns us on having sex near to other people, even if they don´t watch us directly. We always think they MIGHT look up and get a pleasant surprise two completely strangers having sex in day light without any shamefulness. Today I’m going to show you a very old video we made 10 years ago, so the quality isn’t full HD as all my new videos. image-29

In this time, I am approaching to my husband wearing my red lingerie and when I start to press my nipples between my fingers and then putting two fingers inside my pussy to masturbate my husband becomes very hard and hot, so I decide to give him a nice blow job very very slowly and wet with a lot of saliva as he loves….then a few minutes later he cums on my red panties all his semen sparse outside my pussy and panties. All of then with this views of the city below.

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So here is another great outdoor blowjob and masturbation

where you can enjoy and also try to imitate us. Dare you do the same?

Enjoy the full version video here

dogging at the beach with your MILF

dogging at the beach

I have been busy and the blog hasn’t been updated as it should those last months…..but I’m back and I’ll try to write at least once a week my updates and a little about my everyday life…evn if, you are a LOT to follow me on live cam everyday. When I started this site last year around christmas time, I had NO idea that so many people would subscribe and follow me everyday. Many of you write mails to me telling me, that I’m so hot and I’m doing exactly what they only DREAM of their wife wife will do lol
I consider myself as a “normal” wife like almost everybody else, ok we are swingers, but I supposed that ALL couple had some fun in private at least, you know recording videos, taking sexy selfies with your phones. The husband taking pics of his wife’s ass while fucking her in doggystyle, go to a nude beach together during our 1to1 days of when the children are with your parents, having dinner in a nice restaurant without panties hihi, and your husband take some pics below the table.
Just something more or less sexy depending if you are exhibitionnist or not, swingers or not, curios or not…but “normal” couples as us must do something to not get bored right ?

Most are NOT if I shall believe all the husbands who write to me and who had become my “fans”…make me feel like a hollywood star when I write I have FANS. I’m not lol, I’m just and amateur wife like 1000 others in the world.

Ok lets talk about some fun I did last week, dogging at the beach when most of you followed me on my livecam 24h with sound. I brought you on a mini STRICLY ADULT holiday at the beach for 2 days.

There wasn’t really a lot of people on the beach when we walked through the dunes and we wondered if it was the right place we chose, we were walking and walking for at least half an hour before we decided a place a little up the hill so we had an eye on a big part of the dunes and wouldn’t miss any action, and we were sure people could see us also.
ONE voyeur were watching us, nobody else, but my husband started to caress me, and I touched a little his dick. In less than ONE minut we had like 5-10 guys watching us from behind the bushes and a man approched and started to caress me and lick my pussy.
I sucked my husbands dick and more guys came to watch, they jerked of around me and I took 2 stranger dicks in my hands to masturbate them while my husband cum all over my face. I made the dicks finish on my breasts, and took 2 others to continue. Very exciting and funny experience, I had no idea that there would be so many people in just 10-15 minuts. And it was just the beginning, we laid down to rest a little and later on we started again and even more people came…I uploaded the first video for you, the second will follow and I will telle you what happened the rest off the day and also the next day 🙂

Enjoy this one 🙂
And here is the free video about my trip I made just to show you a little of my life and what I did for those 2 days on cam with you 🙂


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Ass fucking in a summer cottage

As you know,  we love outdoors and being watched by voyeurs, we have a beautiful cottage down the country with wonderful views to the sea.

It is an old house but it has many fruits and trees we usually spend week ends above all during summer time and many times we use it as our private sex parties.

Last week, there was a great sunny day I decided to sunbathe a little bit and get some tan so  I was lying on the roofterrace enjoying the sun while my husband was doing some gardenwork he is very fond of this. You know how horny I always feel in the sun and particulary thursday because I brought a little exciting surprise for my husband that I showed him in the car, my green diamond sitting there in my thight little asshole.


I had brought my GoPro camera and my Ipad so I started recording a little, while I masturbated my clit, used the dildo in my ass moving it in and out and  I had a great orgasm but I always want more because I am multiorgasmic so it just wasn’t enough for me, therefore I called my husband and asked him to come up…


He laughed at me and joined me with his huge dick, he started to masturbate watching my ass, he loves my ass “I don´t know why” lol, he played a little with my wet pussy to show the camera HOW wet it was and with this Gopro camera you can realize how defined you can see all the details.

I hope you followed the day on my livecam streaming from my iphone so you didn¨t miss the voyeur liveaction.
I think we will be out thursday again, so keep an eye on the mobile livecam.


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live upskirt for the workers

I think a lot of you watched me on my livecam today when I went to our other apartment to have an internet access installed and wait for a windowman to repair something.
I wore a little short dress and no panties ! So I had in mind doing some upskirt pics and video with my GoPro, would be nice and discrete. The first one, from the telephonecompany was young, he saw I had no panties….then the second one came.

I brought my GOPro camera and let it record for a while, I’m sure the first one saw I was without panties, the second one, I’m not sure, I think he was more occupied with his work in the windows. But take a look at the video, you are going to LOVE it, and imagine you are called to work in a house where the wife is walking around cleaning wihout panties, you would be hard for hours after and I even thing that you would have o stop somewhere on your way back to the office, just to take the extreme pressure in your balls.

I also asked my husband to take the camra in his hand and follow me around to get some better pics and views for you 🙂

Enjoy this completly free UPSKIRT VOYEUR video

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girl sex near the sea

Lets watch some girl sex near the sea today…I love those pics I made with my girlfriend, we had so much fun in the water on the rocks that day while the fishermen were spying on us
We started dressed with transparent tops and bikini thongs sunbathing on the rocks enjoying the sun on us, playing with our bodies licking, sucking, biting each other. But the most amazing thing was to see that man jerking off while we were having fun and sex, however we felt much more motivated to follow our hot wishes instead of disturbing us. Please visit my site to wacth more photos and follow me:

Swingers night for some friends

Elektra and Paul joined us for a few days relaxing from their trip all around Europe. One night, we invited another couple over at our house for a drink and some food……… and why not?..having some adults fun on cam so  Roger and Sara came this evening too.

As my husband discussed Electra and made reference to some of the skills she had, I noticed his arm had gone around her and she had turned just enough away from him that his hand draped over her breast.

We started the evening with some food and champagne..I LOVE champagne, it puts me in good mood and also a little horny 🙂
Did you ever take part in a private swinger night ?
If you did, you know that sometimes it can be difficult to “break the ice” and get started with the horny stuff….everybody is thinking “who’s going to start this party?”
It doesn’t use to be an issue at our house, because I’m pretty direct…I’ll ask “So now we had some good food and a little to drink it’s playtime :)….who want to play with me first ?”
Or I’ll do what I did this evening: “I’m going to show you my speciality, the royal blowjob” Then I take my champagne glass,(we always use the wide ones for this kind of party) and dip my husbands dick into it

Ohhh it’s cold, but he loves it, and I have to be fast now because his dick will get hard and I’ll only have the time to dip it a couple of times and lick the champagne of, before it’s SO hard and big, it will stand up towards his navel…and it will only be possible to dip his balls now 🙂

Elektra and Sara were watching me carefully…to copy that trick 🙂 and the guys never tried a royal blowjob before so I think they were already horny.
The girls took their glasses and started to dip and suck….I think that Elektra’s dick liked it, but the alcohol was too strong for Sara’s dick.

They sucked a little, then they started playing together, they are both very much into girl-girl play (I’m not anymore, or not as this moment, years ago I spent many nights with one particularly and very special girlfriend…and that’s it, I never found a girl again who really excited me, so I’m more “dick” now…I’ll tell you about her some day maybe, it’s a little private for me so I don’t know, lets see)

So they left me alone with 3 hard cocks and a big bottle of champagne 🙂 hummm three cocks touching my face and in my mouth, very exciting, while we were watching the girls playing beside us.

Then we went to the couch and started to fuck, we changed dicks and some took 2 cocks….yes just take a look at the 40 minuts video here




We spent the night like that having swinger sex we enjoyed a lot and we were very happy, so later we still kept drinking eating and dancing the rest of the night. two days later my friends left us but with the promise that they will be back soon and we can have “another great experience”.

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Swinger cocks just for me.

Let me tell you about last week when I got 2 swinger cocls just for me
Do you remember the time a bricklayer came to do some work at home? well, we initiate a good friendship after that day we had some sex, therefore sometimes he comes to visit us to do a job or to get some fun with us.

Last Saturday evening ,he came as a surprise to visit us and we had dinner and had some drinks, chatting and talking, the brick layer started to ask me many things with erotic sense  if I masturbate and how often, if I like being fucked by a girl etc… I could notice that his  zipper was bulging and he wanted to fuck me but he was waiting for me  to give the step.

He couldn’t stop watching me, my ass my tits my mouth I like him a lot and my husband was getting horny just watching  the scene that man wanted me. We wanted to play all together so  I decided to go upstairs to my room and start the game.

I lied on bed waiting for those two handsome guys to come with their very hard and erected dicks as I like ummm two cocks just for me …What a pleasure!!! above all knowing that all my members could enjoyed the nice view on the livecams, 2 in the bedroom and the mobile sppycam just beside the bed

I started to masturbate to touch my pussy with two fingers and put them inside as well, then my husband approached to me and he ate and licked my pussy and I sucked his huge dick giving him a blowjob.


After him,  the breaklayer joined us to the party touching my ass and my tits as he was looking foward to, so I sucked his dick while my husband was penetrating deeper and deeper , my husband was getting hornier he loves watch me being fucked by another man how he fucks my ass and my pussy. The bricklayed laid behind me fucking me white I was giving my husband a blowjob…..we also had the camcorder that day and we got some great videoshts to share with you 🙂


Imagine that great orgasm we experienced and how I felt being so lucky that being a swinger couple and my husband allowed me to do all what I want.

Kisses Emily.


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Outdoor parking blowjob

As you know a few days ago, we bought a GoPro camera to get some different and great views in our videos…often we are alone to record and with a classic camcorder it’s difficult to get the entire scene in the viewpoint….so with the GoPro fisheye view it’s just great and SOO much easier :)..and less heavy to hold 🙂
Last week we had some time left and we decided to go out and try our camera outdoors to check how it worked …and this was the result …our new video.

I recorded the video in our mini cooper, while my husband was driving I was holding the camera and as very often, I flashed my breasts and started to touch myself, show my pussy to the camera and masturbate a little for you on the video and on the livecam with sound I always have in the car with me while we are out.

Many vehicles passed by and many of them saw my naked breasts and some of the trucks even saw down on my pussy. What about showing my breast to the truck driver? Looking at his face in the video I think he wasn´t very used to see a girl in a covertible masturbating with her breast out…I surely saved his day lol.

At the same time, my husband was getting very hard just to see me masturbating and he asked me to suck his dick so we looked for a good place. We stopped in a parking near a nude beach, because we like having some voyeurs and we are always hoping that somebody it going g to approach the car, put his hand up and take a look into the car.

I began licking his hard big dick up and down, I love having my mouth full with a big cock and feel his breath getting harder and stronger due to the excitation…while I was giving the blow job, several cars parked just beside us and especially one just a meter from where my husband was sitting. Ohhh that was so exciting for him (I didn’t really see them I had my head down lol, but I heard them arrive and talk a little)

We don´t really know if the man who drove the car saw us but his wife surely did, then my husband couldn´t resist any more he cummed inside my mouth when another man walked by the car… but in this particular moment another car stopped on my side of the car !

We had a great time and the video is here, online for you and ready to enjoy and appreciate real homemade amateur porn 🙂
Here is the trailer before you jump into the member section to watch the full version 🙂


Sex chat evening on livecam

Often I have fun playing on my 24h spy cam, I enjoy the members of my site and think of all the voyeurs watching me at the same time, all those dicks jerking of behind their screens turn me on. In todays video you are going to see a Sex chat evening on livecam with me dressed with leather bodice and a leather pants too. I start with some stripshow and begin to masturbate first with my fingers touching my clitoris and later with my dildo the one for my pussy the other for my ass ummm…I love a double penetration so you’ll see how wet my pussy gets
But I also have a in-room very personal voyeur….my husband who I watch jerking off while I am doing the show he is so horny, he loves to watch me and start masturbating for me. So why don´t I invite him to participate and let all of you enjoy us having lives on cam.
He touches me and presses my ass with his strong hand and put to fingers inside my pussy I open his zipper and I take out this big and very hard dick. I begin to suck and lick ummm how nice giving a blow job. Suddenly he takes me in his arms and puts me astride and penetrates me harder and deeper all of it in front of my cam and I ride him enjoying the moment so much, we cum together for all of you. What a great night isn´t? would you like to join us next time? I am opening to your suggestions.
Sure we recorded all the evening for you, so here we have more than an hour to enjoy.

Ok if you like this video, try to follow me live on the cams in my house, we have sex almost every evening, or during the day….not always penetrations, but some kind of sex, like a blowjob, dildofun, masturbation, vibrator etc, I always love when you watch me 🙂

I’m preparing the video from last week for you, with the blowjob on the parking near the beach, it will be online n a few days.


Sex party and threesome in Paris

Last year, we spent a week in Paris in a beautiful hotel in the center near The Seine. We love this city , it  reminds us all those years we spent wonderful time with friends.

Above all, this great party which we had with all members of my site who wanted to join us. Do you remember it?


We gave a buffet dinner party with free bar with all the members in a great hotel, all the girls got naked and we had all kind of voyeurs I am thinking of  one particulary who loved biting  thongs Chris, at the end of the party we gave him away a pair of used thongs he was so pleased with them that he hanged them on his ears or other one was my voyeur fan Felix. Do you remember him? The one who visited me a few months ago.


They gave me many presents like a new dildo ,a mini silver dick pendant for all of the participants, stockings or high tights but my best present was the presence of all of you the people who follow me on line and we spent the night eating, drinking and dancing. Do you know what happened the day after? I woke up fucking with a member who was talking to me the night before and we decided when the party was over to have some fun together therefore we had a threesome and I didn´t know it was the emotion of having this members party or the champagne lol …but we had a great , great fun we all three especially my husband who loves the sex parties and the threesomes. ummm. So I got up with two big cocks just for me to start the day. Could I be happier? Lol


But the party wasn´t finished yet, we reserved the best for the end , a special porn party on a boat crossing the Seine with the members of my site with all the press and the photographers.

Can you imagine a party boat on one of the most spectacular tourist attractions in the world? We enjoyed a lot and the boat was full of people taking photos, drinking champagne and eating canapes.


I was living a dream with open eyed, all my fans,my friends ,my husband and I together celebrating my site. Do you understand what Paris means to me?

So when last year, we went to Paris all my memories came back and I wanted to shared them with you showing you some pictures from that evening…and also the threesome video


Do you remember when I told you that the morning after the sex party, we had a threesome? Well, I am going to tell you a little more about this great night. You we will see the video in two days.
When I was at the party drinking, eating and dancing there was a fan guy staring at me all the time he approached me and told me that he would like to spend a whole night with me, he had had this desire from ages and if I agreed to have fun with him.
I was thinking about it…but why?? It was the best way to finish a wonderful night so I agreed but only with one condition to have a threesome because my husband loves having sex with others and I found it much funnier. He was delighted with the idea because it was much more than he expected.

When at five in the morning the party was over, we said good bye everyone and we went to the room hotel we didn´t hesitate to start our private party. I had two big cocks to suck, to lick and therefore two mouths to eat my pussy and my ass so I gave two blow jobs. Lol
We had sex up to cumming and we felt asleep but just for three hours because we had the party on the boat around noon that day.
What amazing week end, maybe you want to join us next time?


Love, Emily

P.S Yesterday you might saw us out with the streaming cam, we tested the GOPRO outside view 🙂 it was great for the blowjob in a parking on the beach and also the fucking on the beach later 🙂 I have the videos, I’ll encore then for you and share here with all my members and fans 🙂
I’m sorry for the streamingcam being upside down all morning lol I didnt notice, I must have hold the Iphone upside down on my arm I think…..and for some reason the picture didnt turn like it use to do.