Blowjob on the roadside

Blowjob on the roadside

Today I have a new videos for you, one of my favourite flashing to do….a blowjob on the roadside.

It happened last Monday, I went training to the gym with my husband he was by himself and I was with my personal trainer. Suddenly I saw him staring at other guy who was looking at me …my husband was jealous because I smiled back at him. That situation makes me feel so horny.
When we finished training Read More

Christmas holidays

hello 🙂

Tomorrow I will leave for a week Christmas/new years holidays in France to visit the family and some friends 🙂
I will be back friday the 6th of January, BUT during the vacations I will visit some friends where my mobil live cam will be online for 3 days, from sunday 1st to tuesday 3rd

I have prepared some great photo and videos updates for youwhich will be released during the week 🙂 Tomorrow a sexy upskirt flashing in piblic video and sunday you are going to jerk of all day ! with a 1hour and 22 minuts videos from a swingerevening we had at home with 4couples and out girlfriend redhaired Nataly.

January the 5th you will have a video fucking in the mirror in POV and then I will be home again 🙂





For the upskirt fans

Today I have a great video for the upskirt fans…and also some pics I’ll find in a few days, because I still have some friends of mine at home, you must have seen them on the livecams right ? Having a lot of sex, especially yesterday evening in the kitchen was very hot, we gave the guys a great blowjob with champagne in the mouth and dipping their cock in the glas…they LOVED it 🙂 Read More

Selfie flashing in my car

Selfie flashing in my car

Last Tuesday morning, I had to take the car to the south to the garage. My husband was driving one of the cars and I asked my girlfriend to drive the other one while I sat on the backseat with the live streamingcam, maybe you watched me and I hold the camcorder and selfied me while I was masturbating and we were driving by the other cars. I hoped they saw me, it turns me on or do you remember the pics on my voyeur fan here where I invited a member and amateur photographer to a ride in my car, he was like crazy excited with his camera when I undressed in the car on the highway lol
Hummm I feel so horny when I am in the car above all knowing that many people are watching me so I masturbated up to had a nice orgasm before I dressed again.

Selfie flashing in my car

Later that day when returning from the garage with only one car now, my husband was driving and my girlfriend sat beside him and could record me with the camcorder. We had to stop at a gas station, when the girl filled up the car I changed clothes again, I think she saw me, or maybe she saw my girlfriend with the camcorder and imagined what was going on, because she smiled and laughed a little and commented something to her partner….and a few seconds later he tried to take a look into the car, I was already dressed again, so he missed me, but all the voyeurs on the livecam were very excited about being there LIVE with me flashing in the car.

flashing on the highway
Later on we drove down to the beach where there were some fishermen watching me when I gave my husband a blowjob and my girlfriend held the camcorder….thats another video I’m going to post it this Week end for you guys. I also made some pics on the beach with my girlfriend that day I have to ask her is she let me show you them here on the blog or only for the very special members of my site.
Emily who loves public selfie flashing in my car