Real amateur housewife.

Real amateur housewife.Hello, I’m Emily a real amateur middle class housewife, I spend all day doing those things that all women in my situation do housekeeping, shopping, picking children up etc..Ten years ago, I began to collect photos of my sexual life just for fun I love sex but I hadn´t anybody to bare a part in my liking but now being older I´ve been wondering why shouldn´t share them with people everywhere.
We were a standard couple but with the years our minds were opened and became a swinger couple we like to share our sexual life with others have threesomes,orgies.. love being watched too so I installed two voyeur cams one of them in my bedroom cam and the other a streaming cam with sound to take with me everywhere.
So if you are interested in my life. Very welcome to my exciting blog:

4 thoughts to “Real amateur housewife.”

  1. Looks very nice.. I want to join you and your friends at a party.. And make some nice movies..
    I’m frpm Holland and 39 years old..

  2. Hi Emily
    I am a 36 yo Italian surgeon.
    Where are u from?
    I find you a great couple I would love to know you better
    Big kisses
    Ps I already follow you as members for 6 months from tonight 🙂

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